Rest Clip FAQs


How does this help prevent snoring?

Rest Clip is an excellent snore-prevention tool. The magnet in the clip gently opens the nostrils, allowing more air to flow and avoiding snoring. It works by gradually expanding the nostrils to reduce nasal respiratory resistance and allow more air to flow into the lungs. When the body realizes that nasal breathing is no longer restricted, it shifts to (far healthier) nasal breathing subconsciously.

Does this go around my chin like other anti snoring devices?

No, this only goes around the nose, and will not wake you up like uncomfortable chin-strap devices.

How Does Rest Clip Work?

Two Parallel arms fit within the wearer's nose and surrounds the septum inside the nose.

(These arms' ends are bent inwards to exert continuous pressure onto the nose's septum. Inside the nostrils, there are "acupressure" points that are connected to the throat muscles. These two curved arms apply specific pressure to these “acupressure” points, which stimulates throat muscles and prevents them from relaxing, resulting in airway clearance.)

Rest Clip has specially developed magnets with specific power that stimulates local sensory nerves, therefore reducing snoring.

Are there any side effects?

No. Our Anti-Snore nose clip was created after extensive research to assist you in stopping snoring. Because no chemicals, drugs, or similar things are utilized, there are no side effects.

Since this will be going in my nose, is there any toxic material?

No. The anti-snoring device is made up of Non-Toxic material. Completely Drug-Free!

Does this work for sleep apnea?

Yes, this can help with sleep apnea. Sleep Apnea is a potentially fatal sleep condition in which breathing stops and resumes frequently, causing fatigue even after a full night's sleep. Rest Clip helps by allowing air to flow more freely into the lungs to help in improving your breathing.

Does this help with Dry Mouth?

Yes. This can help with a better night sleep. This can help from needing to drink water frequently during the night, which can cause more bathroom breaks. It can also help if you wakeup with sore throat due to incorrect nighttime breathing. The Rest Clip keeps your mouth moist and helps you to sleep deeply.

Is this complicated to use?

Nope. It will work by just inserting it softly into the nose. There's no need for a complicated set of instructions.

Is this uncomfortable or will it hurt?

Nope! The soft and enhanced silicone gives a comfortable feeling. You won't have to worry about the clips slipping off your nose because the magnet adheres nicely to it. You are completely unaware that you are wearing it.

How should I store this when not in use?

The Anti Snore Rest Clip comes in a reusable plastic container to keep it clean and dust-free. Also works well as a travel case.

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